You go out to your car, get in , and turn on the ignition just to find that your battery is dead. What are you going to do now, walk, Hitchhike, ride your bicycle, or simply jump your car off. To jump off your car the first thing you need is a hot battery in a running car, you may summons your neighbor or a friend for help in this. The next thing you need is a set of good quality jumper cables.


Raise your hood and locate the battery its usually under there somewhere, its a black or white box with two electrodes protruding from it, you can refer to your owners manual for location. Once the battery is located determine which side is hot and which is ground this is usually indicated by a + or - respectively. Now is time to raise the hood of the running vehicle with the hot battery. Locate the battery in the running vehicle and determine the hot and ground on it.

Now is the moment of truth, carefully take the red side of the jumper cables and hook them to the respective hot (+) sides of both batteries taking precaution not to cause a spark. Then take the black side of the jumper cables and hook them to the ground (-) sides of both batteries. Let the running vehicle sat there a few minutes to charge your battery. enter your vehicle and try the ignition when your engine starts immediately disconnect the cables, thank your friend or neighbor, shut the hoods.


Good motoring.

By John Permenter